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MEMs Control Box

B.U. Solid State Laboratory, May 2013 - July 2014


For two summers, I was devoted to a project related to the concept of an 'internet of things'. The idea was that by manipulating beams of data, which were represented by a static beam of light produced by an LED, devices would be able to communicate with each other. I was able to utilize an Arduino and an analog joystick to design a driver meant to actuate a deformable micro-mirror and steer a beam of light 360 degrees.


The setup involved an LED sitting directly overhead a MEMs micro-mirror. The driver manipulated the mirror by applying a small current (<500mA) to each thermal bi-morph. The reflected light was projected onto a blank canvas directly above the mirror. A camera was mounted above this to capture the reflected light for documentation sake.    


Here is video footage of the reflected beam of light from the LED being manipulated in 360 degrees. The whole process is manipulated via the analog joy stick making it easy for an operater to drive. 

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