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Splay, a Rehab Tool for Athletes

Co-Created with Christopher Colby, Personal Project, March 2019 - July 2019


Toe-Splayer is a functional tool designed to help athletes return their feet to their maximum
performance potential. By allowing the foot to regain its natural capabilities, athletes can increase the sensory input from the ground up. This allows for more feedback and control in the output of their
movements. This adjustment allows for improved athletic performance, translating to enhanced
movement patterns across all athletic disciplines.

Key Contributions: 

Splay was a project I started to better understand the process of taking a product from conception all the way to manufacturing. While I outsourced all CAD design to a TPV, I was responsible for every mechanical design decision. My goal was to keep the product functional, cheap and comfortable for the end user. 


Splay was a project I started for fun and unfortunately was not able to complete once I started applying to schools. Although Chris and I were able to create 5 functional prototypes which were distributed to athletes who continue to provide feedback on how to improve the product. 

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