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Model Elevator System

Co-Created with Carlton Duffet, B.U, EC450, April 2015


The goal of our project was to design and build a four-floor model elevator driven by a single MSP430 uC. Our goals included:

1. A 2-foot tall aluminum structure with 4 floors and a moving elevator car.

2. A motor, gearbox, and wire spool driven at variable speeds using pulse width modulation, operating in both directions using an h-bridge system.

3. Bi-directional limit switches to accurately detect the position of the elevator car.

4. Additional circuitry to encode the switches, buttons, and to drive a 7-segment display.

5. A sophisticated control algorithm that dynamically adjusts elevator speed and optimizes stops when ascending and descending.

Key Contributions: 

All specifics regarding the subsystems can be found in the final document below. My key responsibility was the design of the circuit setup as seen below. This included components such as our h-bridge motor driver, 7-segment display and on-structure/in-elevator button inputs. In addition to this, I was responsible for the fabrication of the aluminum structure, wiring, and debugging.


The video should speak for itself!

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